TeamTalk: Success and Wellbeing in the Online World

Use Solution-Focus to Foster Organisational Change towards a New Way of Work.

A workshop with Chris Iveson and Susanne Burgstaller
September 28-29, 2021, a 2-day online workshop

New Book: Team Talk. Building Excellence with Solution Focused Skills

The transformation we are all in is social as well as digital. Organisations are morphing into clusters of teams and groups which are required to work autonomously, make rapid decisions and at the same time collaborate with each other. There is much work to be done for coaches, executives, team leads, product owners, scrum masters – and indeed the team members themselves.

Organisations wishing to maximise success need to develop new forms in order to:

  1. deliver on their purpose and
  2. provide for the health and well-being of all those working to achieve that purpose.

In the long run business success depends on human endeavour and human endeavour is best promoted by attending to human needs.

A Solution Focused Approach has much to offer towards creating this new order and with TeamTalk we have created a whole treasure chest of simple, effective and person-friendly tools for the Organisation of the Future

For two days Chris and Susanne will open their treasure chest widely and share tips and tricks from jointly six decades of accumulated wisdom regarding solution-focused coaching, training, mentoring and consulting at all levels of organisations.

Join forces with us for an immersive two-day experience on the following challenge: How can we create better organisations by more “team talk”?!?

On your registration you receive a copy of our booklet “Team Talk: Building Excellence with Solution Focused Skills” and join the group of participants to share your best hopes and questions with them.

Looking forward to creating better organisations with a better impact on our societies - together with you!

Susanne & Chris


An Extract from Your Menu

  • Dive in at the deep end exercises – for you and your teams
  • Meet the ‘team’ of solution-focused skills and start walking the talk
  • Play Time, Cha-Cha-Change, Nudge (wait and see)
  • The Team from Hell and other stories of transformation.
  • Coach and be coached – see your world change.
  • And some multi-mirrored reflections
  • What else?

Some Learning Outcomes 

  • Meet the skills of “Team Talk” and take the most useful ones home with you
  • Learn new and effective SF methods to give teams direction and strengthen their relationships
  • Find out how to decrease online-meeting stress and zoom-fatigue
  • What are the three things you need to address in an effective team-coaching?
  • How can you scale your skills from team coaching to the organizational level?

About us

CHRIS Iveson, co-founder of the London-based BRIEF, is a coach, therapist and trainer with twenty years of public sector management experience before moving entirely to BRIEF in 1995. He is passionate about Solution Focused Practice in all its forms and passionate about imparting the oh-so-simple skills to others. He and his two co-founders, Harvey Ratner and Evan George, have written many books and articles about the approach and done much to shape its development around the world.

One of Chris’s greatest achievements was to run (because of a misunderstanding) a two-day workshop for 40 social workers and 40 Western Australian mining managers. The success of this workshop cemented his view that SF can go anywhere and everywhere.

SUSANNE in Numbers

  • 31 years experience in entrepreneurship, coaching, teambuilding, consulting and training
  • 20 years experience with solution-focus in large organisations
  • 10 years experience as a manager
  • Work done in 22 countries and 12 sectors
  • Consulting experience on 3 flight levels
  • 2 books published
  • 2 children, 2 cats, 1 husband, 70+ houseplants ;-)

Susanne holds the BRIEF Diploma on Solution-Focused Practice and is a certified reteaming as well as Enterprise Agility coach.

Chris and Susanne jointly published the booklet “Team Talk: Building Excellence with Solution Focused Skills”.